Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square Opens in Two Days

Fujitsu today announced that on April 26, 2010, it will open Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square, the largest facility of its kind in Japan. Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square will function both as a showroom where customers can gain hands-on experience with the company’s technologies, products, and services for cloud computing, as well as a facility for testing ICT systems.

Fujitsu has taken its existing Platform Solution Center, which performed comprehensive testing of the company’s servers and storage products to help build customer ICT systems, and has recreated it for the cloud-computing era as Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square.

Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square will host demonstration seminars on optimizing ICT infrastructure including virtualization technology and server consolidation for private clouds, on optimizing operations through comprehensive lifecycle management after deployment, and on cloud services delivered over the network. In addition, ICT system testing also offers customers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Fujitsu’s cloud-computing technology.

Facility Features:
1. Demonstrations and Seminars
The facility will offer Fujitsu’s datacenter-based On-Demand Virtual System Services and SaaS, as well as virtualization, standardization, and automation solutions oriented toward building private clouds, all of which will allow customers to see how cloud computing works. The showroom will also feature exhibits on Fujitsu’s datacenters and supercomputers to provide detailed information on the company’s technologies, products, and services.

2. ICT System Testing
The testing facility is equipped with approximately 300 of Fujitsu’s latest PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST, SPARC Enterprise, and ETERNUS products, enabling customers to test out ICT systems with the actual hardware and technology, as well as receive direct support from specialists.

The facility can accommodate a variety of requirements, such as the ability to test Fujitsu’s datacenter-based cloud services platform, SaaS application usage, systems involved in building private clouds, and remote operation over the Internet.

Facilities are available by reservation for use by national and local government bodies, medical institutions, educational institutions, private companies, and other organizations. Please contact Fujitsu’s sales department to make arrangements.



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