Vehiclepath Launched GPS Tracking App for RoadStoves Gourmet Food Truck

RoadStoves recently launched the world’s first GPS gourmet food truck finder. Vehiclepath, a San Diego-based leader in Mobile Resource Management (MRM) is excited to have been chosen as the GPS fleet tracking provider for this state of the art new App. RoadStoves looked at several GPS fleet tracking solutions and chose Vehiclepath because of its low cost, highly functional and very reliable product suite.

Consumers who download the app will get pinpoint GPS tracking of the gourmet food trucks, detailed menu descriptions, plus all of their Twitter feeds, all in one App. They will see which food trucks are "Near Me" and get detailed directions from their current location to that truck. Or, they can simply pick their favorite food truck from the "List View" and get all its current information.

"With the explosion of gourmet food trucks, Twitter became a great tool for gourmet food truck operators to "Tweet" their location. The downside with just using Twitter became very apparent as the data is only as accurate as when it was last entered," said Josh Hiller, co-founder of RoadStoves. "We needed to find a new way to get accurate location data to consumers since most people who were getting information about a truck, drive over there and the truck isn’t there. GPS tracking of our gourmet food trucks became the obvious solution. If we could provide the exact location of a gourmet food truck, anytime a consumer needs it, we would have a complete solution."

RoadStoves launched the App through iTunes and already has several thousand downloads. They are looking at GPS enabling more gourmet food trucks in the Los Angeles area and adding them to the App. RoadStoves and The Grilled Cheese Truck (one of their most visited food trucks) will be appearing at the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 24.

To download the Road Stoves GPS App, visit To learn more about RoadStoves, visit To learn more about Vehiclepath GPS fleet or asset tracking and try an interactive demo, visit



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