Opera 7.50 Preview 5

Release Notes:
* As the final release of 7.50 approaches, opera.com is especially interested in stability issues. This release focuses on fixing several stability issues and they are mostly interested in hearing if problems persist.
* There is some instability with newsfeeds and IRC file transfers in this release
* All previously fetched RSS 2.0 newsfeed messages will be redownloaded the first time a newsfeed is queried

News source: Opera Forums
Download: Click to download

Detailed Changes… Detailed Changes:

Fixed crash when sending/receiving files
Improved handling of “#” in /j command alias
Fixed crash when using /j without a channel name
Improved storage of commands to perform on connection
Invalid DCC requests are now ignored
Improved notification when sending a private message to a person who is away
Display & Rendering (Presto)
Fixed problem displaying initial text on TEXTAREAs on XHTML pages
Fixed crash related to hovering table cells
Fixed crash related to invalid GIFs
Fixed a scrolling problem with previously hidden elements
Fixed a problem with vertical-align: top
Fixed problem with font-style: inherit and font-style: italic
Keyboard & Mouse
Readded Shift + F4 for toggling the panels and panel selector
Added [Document Window] to the list of sections that can be edited in the Keyboard and Mouse shortcut editors
Improved selection of ranges in panels when using Shift
Mail (M2)
Fixed problem when forwarding text attachments
Improved threading of parent messages when the child message has already been downloaded
Added support for the X-Mailing-List header for mailing list detection
Improved handling of malformed MBOX files
Improved handling of invalid Content-Types in plain text messages
Added notification tooltips and Mail panel status information for newsfeeds
Added support for several ways newsfeeds include HTML markup (xhtml:body, xhtml:div, body with default namespace and div with default namespace)
Added support for using guid elements for checking uniqueness of a feed item; this change will cause duplicate message downloads for RSS 2.0 newsfeeds
Fixed problem with the “New” button in the “Newsfeeds” dialog opening the “Edit” dialog
Improved parsing of different feed versions
Fixed problem parsing new messages without description
Added new preference for controlling support of the autocomplete=”off” attribute in FORMs (disabled by default):

[User Prefs]

Fixed problem using /nostartdialog option the second time
Fixed crash if dialog.ini did not exist
Fixed crash seen at annevankesteren.nl relating to incorrect handling of SCRIPT in XML
Fixed crash when dispatchEvent was called with invalid argument
Fixed crash when executing SCRIPTs with empty src attributes
Fixed crash related to a script replacing its own contents while executing
Fixed problem seen in several forums where onclick on a TD overrode a link in a cell
Fixed return value of the length property of FRAME arrays
Changed return value of iframe.document from IFRAME’s owner document to the document in the IFRAME
Fixed problem related to links and forms where href took precedence over onclick
Fixed problem with some return values for getComputedStyle
Skinning & Customization
Improved default skin display
Fixed crash when trying to download two skins at once
Added support for Customize toolbars > Properties > Show only when needed for the Page bar
Progress bar is now shown when “Show hidden toolbars while customizing” is enabled in Customize Toolbars > Properties
Fixed problem displaying default Main bar contents in the Customize toolbars dialog
Added the address field to the Status section in Customize toolbars > Buttons and fields
Fixed problem saving panel toolbar customizations across sessions
Fixed redraw issue when rejecting a previewed skin
User Interface
Fixed problem where menu accelerators were always shown on Windows 9x/Me
Fixed truncation issue in the Ctrl+Tab dialog
Fixed problem with pages becoming inaccessible after moving page tabs in the Page bar
Fixed crash when using Hotclick searches after starting a new page load
Fixed crash that occurred in some cases when clicking “Home” or “Newsfeeds” on the Navigation bar
Fixed problem where chat and mail pages didn’t obey the Preferences > Windows > Window handling setting
Fixed problem where only pages in the active window would be closed when using the “Delete private data” dialog
Added better Title bar icons for Manage pages
Fixed 100% CPU issue with contacts
Fixed problem with transfer time remaining still showing in the Transfer panel selector after stopping a transfer
Fixed crash when browsing through a proxy using the digest authentication scheme
Fixed problem where fragment identifiers caused problems on pages using must-revalidate caching


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