LikeMac Group announced Disk Order 3.1

LikeMac Group has released Disk Order 3.1, its double-pane (commander like) file manager for Mac OS X. This version adds a dozen of features which make the application more powerful and easy to use.

Some new features has been added:

  • Improved design of Navigation Bar. Icons are now smaller and divided into categories (Drives, Devices, Places etc.)
  • Introduced Quick View feature, which allows to view files directly on the opposite pane. The buil-in Viewer literally integrates into application’s main window.
  • Built viewer has extended its functionality, making possible to open multiple files at same time. File thumbnails are also now available.
  • Added Source Code plugin, which is a viewer extension. If you’re a developer and have to often view sources in C++, C#, Xml, that’s really what you need. Source Code plugin will make you code highlighted with colors.
  • Spanish localization is added.

Also, browsing directories is now even easier. The text field wich used to display current path has been replaced with much more comprehensive Path Control. Now it’s really easy to switch to some part of the path by a simle mouse click. No more popup lists, no more fuss. Not to metion that the new Control looks much better than the old one.

Similarly to other popular file managers on PC or Mac, Disk Order can copy/view/edit files, browse archives, connect to FTP servers and, in overral, do many other useful things. Also it has a handful of plugins, one of which is iPod Browse for downloading music from iPod.

Disk Order was designed to be a decent substitution of Finder, which could offer users time-saving double-panel interface and ultimate file management at the same time. It is best suitable for those who formerly used to work on other platforms with applications like Total Commander or Directory Opus. Also, it’s a great choice for laptop owners, because nearly all file operations can be performed with fast key combinations, saving time and without any frustration of using track-pad in Finder.

Pricing and Availability:
Disk Order 3.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and works either on PowerPC or Intel Macs It can be downloaded free of charge on 30-day trial term basis. The full version can be purchased for $29.95 (USD).


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