Nokia Ovi Store gets 1.7 million downloads per day

Nokia has a bit of time to launch its Ovi portal Store, had some failures at startup but now has over 1.5 million downloads of content per day.

In the war of numbers that engage the manufacturers on their download portal applications, Nokia has not always been transparent about its attempts before the introduction of Ovi Store, which is now the main crossing point for applications for Symbian phones (smartphones and multimedia phones).

In this war of numbers, therefore, Apple rides high in the lead with a catalog estimated at more than 185,000 applications, while Google has announced it ten days ago that its Android Market had 38,000 applications .

Nokia approach things a little differently because its Ovi portal Store offers content-type ringtones, wallpapers and more applications. It’s near the number of downloads of content that bears his communication effort.

Thus, the Ovi Store would generate 1.7 million downloads each day (Nokia made official figure of 1.5 million downloads / day in its financial first quarter of 2010), while clearly indicating that three quarters of this volume related applications.

Results after less than one year of existence
Some editors, like Offscreen Technologies, have already spent the 25 million mark for downloads of their different designs, while several programs have passed the one million downloads and a publisher of mobile games, such as Digital Chocolate, celebrates passage of four million downloads.

Nokia relies on the availability for its portal in many countries, with partnerships with local mobile operators to integrate payment systems directly, and its ability to offer content in the language of the contracts involved.

To reassure the developers on the prospects of a presence on its portal, Nokia recalls that a user downloads an average of 8 articles per month on Ovi Store, that it is accessible to a very large number of terminals and many tools are available.

It is at events dedicated to mobile applications such as the Mobile 2.0 conference held in Paris in early March, is more often compared to iPhone OS and Android that publishers place their applications, Symbian (and more generally the Ovi Store) being seen as a possibility in future.


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