Fixnetix Completes US Expansion of Ultra Low Latency Networks Using Cisco

Premier Low-Latency Provider Extends Multi-Asset Class Connection Footprint With Global Technology Leader.

Cisco announced today that Fixnetix, one of the leading providers of low-latency trading, market data, hosting and direct market access (DMA) services for the financial services industry, has completed its U.S. low-latency network expansion using Cisco® technology.

The ability to trade the ‘fastest’ in any market from any location has enabled Fixnetix and Cisco to set the benchmark for low-latency trading and market data access. Fixnetix has now completed its ultra-high-speed 10-gigabit-plus network with the addition of six U.S. co-location centres from Chicago, New York and New Jersey, bringing the tally, including Europe, to 24.

Over the last four years Fixnetix has worked closely with Cisco to create the ‘ultimate financial services network,’ providing end customers, including banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups, with the ability to trade in any location with the lowest latency. Covering more than 50 cash, futures, options, and foreign exchange and bond markets puts Fixnetix ahead of the competition with the help of Cisco.

"We have worked closely with Cisco to build our global presence and capabilities within the ultra-low-latency trading space. Cisco equipment delivers the stability and speed required for the performance and unparalleled results demanded by our customers," says Hugh Hughes, chief executive, Fixnetix. "As we continue to pursue multi-asset class connectivity into new global markets, our strong relationship with Cisco and its robust infrastructure will be crucial to expediting targeted growth," Hughes says.

Fixnetix combines a communications and data centre network, and an ultra-high-performance market data and trading access platform with unique data distribution agreements, both built on Cisco infrastructure.

"Trading is a highly competitive and ultra-fast-paced world, so we know that Fixnetix’s priorities are speed, reliability and flexibility, all of which we can help them provide," says John Donovan, vice president private sector, Cisco United Kingdom and Ireland. "This new deployment is another example of how the financial services industry is taking advantage of technology to continually deliver innovation to a highly-demanding client base. "

Fixnetix’s infrastructure is built on the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Catalyst 4900 Series Switches. The flagship Catalyst 6500 Switch, used by more than 35,000 Cisco customers worldwide, allows users to improve productivity and control costs in three essential areas: virtualisation, collaboration and operations.

"High frequency trading firms rely on the best technology for market making and performance," says Paul Zubulake, Analyst from Aite Group, and 20 year financial market veteran, "Speed, reliability and stability are crucial for banks, funds and props engaging in high volume trading."



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