omnidea announces RapidCart 2.5

omnidea has released RapidCart 2.5, their RapidWeaver eCommerce plugin. RapidCart 2.5, the best RapidWeaver eCommerce plugin is back with tons of cool new features out of your suggestions. Your favourite RapidWeaver plugin for building e-commerce sites is here with redesigned interface, new additional costs management, official E-Junkie support, new customizable Direct Order fields, multiple carts handling and much more.

New redesigned interface:
Experience the ease of use of the new redesigned interface. Enjoy the new options and the slick toolbar. Experience the new cart icons to manage items. Using RapidCart plugin will be easier than ever.

Additional costs:
Apply cumulative costs using the new additional costs management. RapidCart 2.5 supports different additional costs based on purchase units or total price: you can now take control of shipping or handling.

Official E-Junkie support:
A special gift for you: 90 days free on new E-junkie subscriptions. E-Junkie is now officially supported. Save $100 or more. omnidea and E-junkie offer you a 90 days free trial, rather than 7 days, on E-junkie services to celebrate the release of official E-junkie support on RapidCart. Try out the best way to sell your digital downloads with RapidCart and E-Junkie!

Customizable Direct Order fields:
Take control of your customers information with new customizable Direct Order fields. You can now use Direct Order with up to 15 custom fields that can optionally be set as required: choose information you want to collect from your customers and feel free to integrate them into your marketing strategy. RapidCart lets you customize email subject with customer details. Thanks to automatic unique ID, you’ll be able to track and file each sale. Immediately identify potential issues as well with the new verbose error reporting.

Multiple carts handling:
Customize your store with multiple carts handling. RapidCart lets you handle different carts on the same domain thanks to new cart unique IDs!Furthermore, with global new "copy and paste settings" tool you can easily update each store page with one click.


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