Users can now download AT&T Connect(R) Mobile Conferencing App from App Store

Road Warrior app from AT&T includes one-click conferencing for iPhone, allows distributed workforce to attend audio, web meetings from more places around the world.

Mobile conferencing App is now available on the App Store. Road warriors now have the option of taking audio and web conference meetings with them on their iPhone from lots more places around the world.  The App integrates multiple conferencing products including audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing into a single unified communication (UC) application delivered from AT&T’s global network.

“Converging communications technologies are driving business demand for integrated voice, web and video conferencing services, to reduce costs and speed decisions, delivered by a provider that can create global solutions at scale,” said Ron Spears, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions. 

“Collaboration across a broad sweep of individuals – employees, suppliers and partners, as well as across geographic and organizational boundaries – is a daily necessity.  AT&T is bringing its Unified Communications capabilities to integrate voice, email, messaging and web conferencing in business apps that drive the productivity of businesses regionally, nationally and globally,” he added.

The app includes the following features and functionality, depending on connectivity:

  • View whiteboard
  • Call Me and Dial In features that simplify audio setup
  • Interactive participants list: See/hear the other participants in the conference, their emoticons and mode of connection
  • Use emoticons to signal opinion
  • Alert other participants when stepping in or out of the conference
  • Use notes to chat with one or all participants
  • Answer polls
  • Host an event
  • Invite others to join an event

AT&T Connect Mobile App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone or at  Once the app is installed, it takes only a single click from an online calendar or email invitation to join an AT&T Connect meeting.

AT&T’s IP-network is the lynchpin to delivering a rich set of unified communications at the scale needed by enterprises operating in global and dynamic environments. AT&T Connect offers customers unique hosted/hybrid/on-premises deployment possibilities scaled to meet the needs of many types of business—from small to large, multinational corporations. It supports virtual meetings with both internal and external participants. The service can be provisioned flexibly to include standalone audio conferencing, multi-point video, regular/mobile phone and VoIP-based audio, application sharing, whiteboard/presentation, web touring, polling, reporting, recording and editing—plus more. 

To learn more about AT&T Connect Mobile conferencing, go to



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