Dell Customers Benefit From Speedy Delivery Of New PowerEdge Server Platforms

Customers are looking to improve the efficiency of their data center environments with reliable, standards-based solutions that are high-performing, energy efficient and can support mission critical workloads. Following the introduction of new PowerEdge servers featuring Intel Xeon 7500 processors, Dell customers are already deploying new PowerEdge R810, R910 and M910 systems based on Intel’s latest “Nehalem-EX” Xeon 7500 and 6500 processors. While HP has yet to begin shipping Intel EX-based systems, Dell is delivering open, capable and affordable server solutions today so customers can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

“Dell customers are benefiting today from intelligent x86 server solutions that improve virtualization performance, speed resource consolidation and help support important business and database applications,” said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager for Dell’s Server Platform Division. “We don’t need to protect legacy RISC/UNIX investments and we don’t lock customers into a proprietary architecture. We’re simply enabling customers to do more with less and helping them to reap the benefits of powerful new server technologies that leverage Intel’s new Nehalem-EX processors.”

Dell PowerEdge servers featuring Intel Xeon 7500 processors are ideal for customers looking to migrate from proprietary RISC/UNIX deployments in a flexible and affordable manner. While the RISC/UNIX market continues to decline1 and software vendors discontinue support for RISC technologies, Dell stands as one of the only x86 solutions providers unencumbered by legacy assets and long-term services contracts to protect. This value proposition becomes even more pronounced when customers weigh in on supporting technologies like Itanium, which is no longer being supported by Microsoft and Red Hat. By providing open standards based IT solutions supported by industry leading partners, Dell through short-duration services engagements is helping customers quickly and efficiently leverage x86 technologies to drive business value and growth.

Customer Quotes:
“The Dell PowerEdge R810 and R910 servers allow Tata Communications to offer our Managed Hosting Services customers the compute performance of the leading RISC platforms at a mainstream x86 cost of ownership. Our customers, particularly those using computer virtualization for server consolidation, will be pleased with the dramatically improved cost and performance per watt and per dollar.” – Thomas Davies, Director of Datacenter Services, Tata Communications

“We’re adding the Dell PowerEdge R810 server to our product line to scale up our offering and expand our customer base. The PowerEdge R810 gives us a fourfold increase in the size of the customer sites we can serve with our line of WAN optimization appliances. We believe the Dell PowerEdge R810 server can give us a new advantage over competitors with ‘big iron’ products that take up half a rack. With the help of Dell’s OEM group, now we can offer the same features and functionality in a compact, 2U appliance that is much less expensive to buy and run.” – John Bothe, Platform Manager, Exinda

“Dell has pre-integrated the Dell PowerEdge R910 with VMware, which simplifies our job in IT and saves time and money for the college. Deployment and setup are faster, and we don’t have to go back and forth between multiple console screens to manage our virtual environment.” – Mahesh Neelekanta, IT Manager, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University



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