GetRight 5.2 Beta 1

Fixes & Improvements in Beta 1:
* Increase from 32 bit numbers (which maxes out at about 2GB for a single file) to 64 bits (which is about 8 billion Gigabytes). Should be good for another 1000 years or so!
* Fix so “Download with GetRight” in the browser if GetRight wasn’t running works right.
* Added NTLM authorization.
* A little tweaking to try and improve page processing speed for Synchronizer.
* Changed the “*.LOG” file format to make it much more readable.
* Added more things to get the right form for Login web pages with more than one.
* Added so Download Status shows the % and total sizes for selected items (so can select a bunch of files and see what the total size is, etc.)
* Some more smarts when getting to the end of a segmented download. If a mirror with a significantly faster transfer speed is known, and the last chunk will take more than a couple minutes, switch to that mirror.
* Fix a couple causes of crashes with Segmenting if the file isn’t found.
* Don’t let download windows be Maximized (could happen if Download Status was maximized and open a download.)
* Move some of the less commonly used config menus under the Advanced branch.
* Added tiny ToGetRight.exe program that just passes a URL on the command line to GetRight. It is much faster than doing the same by running GetRight.exe. Created epecially for the “Pass web address directly to application” option in Opera, and would be good used with the Mozilla/Firefox DownloadWith extension too.)

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Download: Download from server 1 (3 MB)


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