Joojoo touch pad: A serious competitor for Apple iPad

After the fuss caused by the release of the iPad, here is a little
startups that Singapore is talking about her. A few days before marketing the
tablet from Apple, Fusion Garage Joojoo is out in the end, a touch pad
designed to take advantage of Internet services. Developed in Singapore
by a small team of fourteen people, Joojoo is based on a client PC – Intel
Atom, Nvidia graphics chip Ion, 12-inch touch screen – and will try to
get a place in the sun from a major factor: the box support for Flash.

if the iPad has a weakness, it is to cut this technology and so are
millions of websites, games and applications that abound on the Web.
And, with its smart Ion, Fusion Garage has shown us that his Joojoo was
able to decode the HD Streaming directly to YouTube and
Dailymotion, which makes it a serious challenger on the market for the
touch pad.

In announcing the release of the device, we had the opportunity to interact with
Rathakrishnan Chandrasekar, CEO and father of Joojoo Fusion Garage, who
presented his product and its vision of the tablet.


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