Safe-t-Technologies introduced PrayerSteward 1.0

Safe-t-Technologies LLC, the developers of PrayerSteward, has launched a new, unique product for iPhone and iPod touch users. Serving as a well organized prayer reminder, PrayerSteward’s mission is to help users honor their promises to pray for others, even when the busyness of living makes remembering details a challenge. Developers have incorporated a list of flexible tools, meant to provide an easy and efficient method of recording prayer promises and sharing with others.

PrayerSteward, also known as Promise2Pray, is a new launch in the Productivity category. The application gives users an easy tool for logging prayer reminders. When one person tells another that they’ll pray for them, they can enter the information on the spot, so they don’t forget as they go about their day. The developers have created the program to allow users to also add future requests and have them show up in the prayer list at the appropriate time.

The app is designed for personal and customized usage. Upon download, users can take advantage of the existing five different categories of prayers or erase them and create their own. Notes can be added and list displays can be adjusted, as well. Sharing non-confidential prayer requests can be done from within the app. A user can grab information from their address books to get the contact details they need to email others in their group or circle when they want to amplify the power of their prayers for someone. Another very useful function of PrayerSteward is the copy and paste feature, which allows users to copy all the details of a prayer request email and quickly add it to their commitment log.

Some of the many features of PrayerSteward:

  • Fast and easy, even for a novice
  • Prayer categories and lists are totally customizable and easy to configure according to individual praying habits
  • Set the prayer category entered most often as the default
  • Add extra details, such as attaching a contact from your address book, specifying dates to pray and/or adding additional notes
  • One tap recalls a list of all of active prayer commitments
  • Log future prayer commitments now and they will automatically display when they become active
  • Share non-confidential commitments with others, such as a church prayer chain, prayer group or prayer circle
  • Utilize cut & paste as well as undo functionality within all text fields
  • Localized in English and Spanish

Additional features provided in the Utilities tab include:

  • View list of future commitments
  • View list of archived commitments (these are commitments where the end date of the prayer timeframe has passed)
  • Export all or a subset of prayer commitments in a delimited text file via email
  • Delete batches of archived commitments based on the end date of the commitments allowing for fast clean up of the PrayerSteward database

Most importantly, PrayerSteward helps people keep their promises and puts the power of prayer networking in the hands of those who truly want to help. To learn more about how this App combines technology and spirituality, please visit the PrayerSteward website or watch the videos on YouTube.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3G and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later
  • 0.3 MB

Pricing and Availability
PrayerSteward 1.0 is only $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.


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