Sulaba launched Eagle Quest 1.0

Sulaba Inc has released iPhone app Eagle Quest 1.0 which is an interesting enslaving game that represents the "Circle of life". Eagle Quest comes with an option to give you an cinematic experience if you want; you can just watch without intervening and it can play by itself or you can be the eagle and be part of the circle of life food chain.

If Eagle Quest were a documentary then it would be exactly like Jack Handy said on SNL, "I’d like to see a nature film where an eagle swoops down and pulls a fish out of a lake, and then maybe he’s flying along, low to the ground, and the fish pulls a worm out of the ground. Now that’s a documentary."

The eagle swoops the fish, and as he is carelessly hovering over the water, becomes shark food. And when the sharks die, the nutrients in their body is absorbed by the ocean floor that gives life to several plants and worms that feed the fish. Albert Einstein indirectly spoke of this too when he said "energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes form". The main screen has the options to Play directly, or go to the settings or read more about the game and browse through the help.

How to play:
You are the eagle; your survival is in your hands. You can move left; you can move right; you can fly away into the blue sky; far away from the water and the fishes that are on the surface tempting you to catch them; or take a plunge and feast yourself to a deserving meal. But watch out.! You are not the only one who is hungry, some one else is on the lookout too, ‘hmmm yum yum eagle’, says the shark..!

After choosing your options in the settings module, click on play to start the game. Use the functions of the accelerometer to move the eagle to the direction of your choice. You can tilt the device to change the direction of the eagle. As a player you can make the eagle change directions and either be close to the water or fly high into the sky. When closer to the water the eagle tries to catch the fish, and if the shark is close by then he tries to catch the eagle.

Do you need to take a break, no worries, just click on the pause button and toggle it back to return to the game from exactly where you left off. The number of fishes, the number of available lives and how well you do within the given time frame, determines the score.

Facebook Integration:
In the Score dashboard screen you have the option to toot your own horn on face book and post the scores on your wall.


  • Level: How savvy are you? Are you beginner, mid level player or the expert gamer with the best hand eye coordination.! You can choose easy, medium or the hard levels
  • Audio: Do you like to play with the background sound of the seas, and feel like you are doing the ‘cha cha cha’ in Hawaii or you can play in silence
  • Score: Click on he Game point to go to the game dashboard. You can add users and track the score. The highest score for each user is stored

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (preferably on 3G or 3GS phones)
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
  • 7.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Eagle Quest 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.


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