AT&T Services Selected By Omega World Travel to Enhance International Communication

Omega World Travel (Omega), a global travel management company headquartered in Fairfax, Va., and, Omega’s wholly-owned cruise retailer, are working with AT&T to expand collaboration among employees and enhance the travel planning experience for customers around the world with AT&T voice and unified communications services.

Under a new contract, Omega will utilize IP-based AT&T Connect to integrate Web, video and voice conferencing onto one company-wide platform, allowing participants to attend meetings from virtually anywhere in the world, even through their mobile phones. Along with on-demand, real-time conferencing capabilities, Omega’s meetings and training sessions will have the ability to be recorded and replayed at any time for employees around the globe. By consolidating all conferencing applications onto one unified communications platform, Omega will have the ability to realize increased cost savings and streamline processes for inter-office collaboration.

In addition, Omega will use AT&T Voice services for communication and collaboration throughout more than 200 office locations, along with the ability to promptly arrange travel plans by phone for customers around the world. A new enhancement to international reservations and customer service that Omega will now offer is country-specific phone numbers that allow local residents to contact dedicated Omega representatives in their region toll-free.

Through AT&T BusinessDirect, AT&T’s award-winning Web portal, Omega can perform a multitude of highly reliable network management and administrative tasks for their voice services.  AT&T BusinessDirect helps users manage their network services online to improve productivity, increase the speed and accuracy of their network transactions and optimize network efficiency, all while potentially reducing costs.

“A strong communications platform is a necessity for our business, as we must have the constant ability to quickly connect with employees and customers around the world to ensure their real-time travel needs are always met,” said Gloria Bohan, Omega’s president and CEO. “AT&T’s voice and unified communications services have helped us streamline our internal and external communication processes, and we look forward to working with AT&T.”



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