Alcatel-Lucent And DIRECTV Teamed Up To Provide New Video Entertainment And Telecommunications Services

Alcatel-Lucent VDSL2 and DIRECTV IPAdvantage technology – delivering
DIRECTV’s compelling video services to condo residents over existing,
in-building phone wires.

DIRECTV and Alcatel-Lucent today announced that through the combination
of DIRECTV’s IPAdvantage satellite-based IP platform and
Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 technology and multimedia professional services,
multi-dwelling unit residents will have access to a whole new world of
advanced video entertainment services, blazing high-speed Internet
access and voice over IP (VoIP) services.

Residents of the 1,296-unit condo community of Shelter Creek in San
Bruno, Calif., are the first in the United States to benefit from the
combination of these technologies that provide access to advanced video
and telecommunications service bundles that were typically available
only to residents in single family homes.

The Shelter Creek project is the largest installation using DIRECTV’s
IPAdvantage technology and provides a model for offering DIRECTV’s
services portfolio to large, older properties where rewiring
poor-quality coaxial cable is not cost-effective or feasible. Using the
existing, in-building telephone wiring is significantly less expensive
and extends the investment in that infrastructure. It also minimizes
the aesthetic impact on the community as well as inconvenience to

“The Shelter Creek project is a great example of how DIRECTV’s services
offering can be extended to properties of any age and any size on a
nationwide basis – in a simple and cost-effective way,” said Dan
Terheggen, CEO Consolidated Smart Systems, DIRECTV’s Gardena,
Calif.-based MDU service operator that spearheaded the project. “The
Shelter Creek residents tell us they are thrilled to now have more
choice in services and be able to enjoy the same DIRECTV experience as
those living in single-family homes. And we’re getting rave reviews
from the property managers who now have a terrific amenity to enhance
the property’s value and appeal, helping to increase occupancy in a
competitive market.”

“DIRECTV’s IPAdvantage technology has exponentially expanded the
business opportunities for DIRECTV in the multi-dwelling unit market
and we will continue to aggressively roll out this innovative
technology in 2010 with 300 installations already planned,” said Mike
Olson, vice president, MDU Sales for DIRECTV. “Living in a large
apartment or condo complex no longer means consumers have to settle for
only one provider for their video entertainment and telecommunications
services. DIRECTV believes in supporting choice for MDU residents and
building owners, and Shelter Creek is an excellent example of how we
can use IPAdvantage technology to provide that competitive choice.”

DIRECTV IPAdvantage, not to be confused with IPTV, converts DIRECTV
video signals into IP video packets to IP-enabled receivers over a
single home-run wire, delivering satellite TV and other services from a
private “on property” head-end to each customer’s unit. The IP
distribution platform, in addition to supporting advanced video
services like HD and HDDVR receivers, also supports voice, internet and
interactive services now enabling dealers to deliver IP-based dual or
triple-play bundles. For more information visit:

“Essentially, Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 technology and multimedia
integration services – including design, implementation, testing and 24
x 7 technical support – enable DIRECTV to target a new customer base,
leveraging the existing copper infrastructure to provide residents in
large, multi-dwelling developments with a wide range of exciting,
bandwidth consuming services,” said Charles Marsh, vice president of
Sales for Alcatel-Lucent North America Strategic Accounts.

“Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 solution is all about delivering high speeds at
low cost, in the shortest possible timeframe. Through our continuous
innovations in the DSL space, we significantly extend the life of the
existing copper infrastructure. As such, we are enabling DIRECTV to
address the condo market, positively impacting the ’digital life’
experience of thousands of U.S. citizens,” he added.



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