nova media releases FrameLoader

nova media is pleased to announce FrameLoader, an application to take
the pain from using digital pictureframes with Mac OS X. FrameLoader
offers the missing comfort to sync a digital photoframe with iPhoto
albums, iTunes playlists and custom media files. Once setup, FrameLoader
features a ‘no click needed’ sync solution and will synchronise iPhoto
albums and iTunes playlists as soon as a digital pictureframe or memory
stick/card is connected to the Macintosh computer.

"We have revolutionised the way Macintosh users can work with digital
pictureframes.", states Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media.
"Up to now it has been a pain in the neck to copy and convert files
every time you want to see them on a digital pictureframe. Using
FrameLoader, you simply attach the frame to your Mac and let the
software do the rest."

To select the media contents, FrameLoader displays a list of iPhoto
albums and iTunes playlists. They can conviniently be checked or
unchecked to be synced. Custom media files can be dragged and dropped
into FrameLoader as well and selected accordingly. A click of the sync
button starts the synchronisation process and an activity monitor
displays the details of the sychronisation process.

FrameLoader features a SyncMonitor to synchronise media files

Once the to-be-synced iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists are selected
wihtin FrameLoader, it is not necessary to open FrameLoader again to
synchronise the device. A clever SyncMonitor watches for any known frame
or memory stick to be connected to the Mac and starts the sync process
automatically. So it is possible to change the contents of albums and
playlists and have them synced at a later time.

FrameLoader offers a high flexibility:

FrameLoader supports memory sticks and memory cards. The user can sync
the media files to a memory stick or memory card and use it on a TV to
e.g. show the latest holiday pictures to the whole family. Sometimes, a
digital photoframe is just too far away to conveniently connect it to
the Macintosh computer, so a memory card or memory stick can be used

FrameLoader can sync several digital pictureframes and memory sticks at
the same time. All settings, e.g. which playlists should be synced or
which media formats are supported, are saved for each device separately.

FrameLoader offers a detailed view of the memory usage of each connected
device. At a glance, the user can see how much free memory is left on
each device and how many megabytes the photos, music and videos are
using up. Media files on a connected device can conveniently be deleted
from within FrameLoader.

FrameLoader features a teach-in assistant:

As soon as a new digital pictureframe or memory card is added to
FrameLoader, the user can select a custom name and an icon for the new
device. In addition, this assistant defines how any media file should be
converted to be displayed properly on the new device.

Pricing and availability:

FrameLoader is available today for download at nova media’s website. The
introductory price is Euro 14.95 (US-$ 14.95 for residents within the
USA and Canada). FrameLoader requires an Intel Macintosh computer
running Mac OS X 10.5.x or 10.6.x. A demoversion of FrameLoader is
available for download as well.


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