LogicalVue releases SQLite Studio for Mac OS X

LogicalVue Software, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of SQLite Studio for Mac OS X. SQLite Studio is an IDE for software developers that use SQLite, the free, open-source, single-user database engine that is used by a wide variety of software. SQLite Studio has a clean, elegant design for working with tables, views, indexing and triggers. It also has a full featured SQL editor with code completion and syntax highlighting.

SQLite is used by a wide variety of software products and is the primary database engine used by iPhone and iPad developers. Although it is easy to get started with SQLite, any developer is going to have to spend time reviewing data, tweaking tables, adjusting indexing and performing other database management. With its tab-based design, SQLite Studio allows you to quickly and easily work with multiple tables and SQL queries. With its elegant, clean design, SQLite Studio makes it easy for you manage all components of your SQLite databases, including:

  • View all tables, data, indexing, triggers and views
  • View all database views
  • Full featured SQL editor with code completion and syntax highlighting
  • View all SQLite Pragmas

Pricing and Availability:
SQLite Studio works on Mac OS X. A fully licensed version costs $99.95 (USD). Site licenses are available for $299.95. A trial version is available.


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