Vodafone launched 845, 546, 543, 547, 246, 247 and 248 mobile phones

As part of its regular own-brand portfolio refresh, Vodafone today announces eight new handsets designed to meet a range of customer needs and preferences – from ultra low cost, through fashion and design influenced, to competitively priced mobile internet devices with cutting-edge smartphone functionality.

Patrick Chomet, Group Director of Terminals said, “Our aim is to offer our customers the best choice of compelling mobiles as well as the best-in-class experience of new services over Vodafone’s reliable network. This regular portfolio refresh ensures that we continue to deliver contemporary and relevant Vodafone branded devices to our customers across all our markets.

“In February we launched the world’s cheapest handset. Today we are again breaking new ground. I’m proud to be announcing the ‘845’, Vodafone’s first own branded Android smartphone. It runs the very latest Android ‘Eclair’ software and shows our commitment and ability to take high-end trends and make them an affordable option for many.”

Vodafone 845 and 546mobile internet and smartphones

Vodafone intends to deliver a range of excellent value devices offering mobile internet access with a better user experience than ever before. The mobile internet handset portfolio is complemented both by Vodafone’s fast, reliable network as well as by a range of highly affordable local data tariffs, making data usage as enjoyable and affordable as possible.

Vodafone 845    Vodafone 546

The Vodafone 845 will be available in the first instance in 12 Vodafone markets, including the UK. The Android powered smartphone runs on the latest software v2.1, has a 2.8” screen, WiFi connectivity, a 3MP camera, access to Android Market and, where available, it comes preloaded with Vodafone 360 services.
Designed with emerging market customers in mind, the Vodafone 546 is a slim 2.5G entry-level full QWERTY keyboard device for optimised internet browsing with Opera Mini, email and SMS chat. The phone has a 2.2” landscape display.

Vodafone 543 and 547trend influenced handsets

The own-brand device range gives Vodafone the opportunity to migrate successful trends – such as touch screens – to a significantly lower price bracket, and so enable a larger customer base to experience them.
The Vodafone 543 comes with a number of exchangeable covers in the box, the choice of colours and finishes allowing customers to personalise their phone. The phone has a 2.4” touch screen and runs the Opera Mini browser. The 543 also comes with Vodafone’s innovative pre-pay balance indicator – an always-on display of how much credit is available to use.

Vodafone 543    Vodafone 547

The Vodafone 547 is a stylish 2.8” touch screen phone with Opera Mini powered internet browsing. The phone comes in black, red or white.

Vodafone 246, 247, 248 and 350/345ultra low cost handsets (ULCH)

Four new devices are being added to the ULCH range. Without any compromise to quality, Vodafone provides the world’s lowest cost mobile phones with the intention of ‘connecting the unconnected’ and facilitating further growth in developing markets where fixed line telephony often has not been extensively rolled out.

Vodafone 246   Vodafone 247

Vodafone 248

  • The Vodafone 246 has standard voice and text features as well as extras such as an FM radio, vibration alert and torch. The 246 also comes with Vodafone’s pre-pay balance indicator.
  • An otherwise standard device with basic voice and text features along with FM radio and a colour display, the Vodafone 247 stands out due to its integrated solar panel which charges on the go, saving both time and money.
  • The Vodafone 248 is a stylish slider phone featuring a large colour display with standard call and text options as well as an FM radio.
  • The Vodafone 350 and 345 are variants of an ULCH with full QWERTY keyboard – designed to be perfect for messaging, be it SMS or SMS Chat. The slightly higher specification Vodafone 350 also offers easy WAP access to MMS and Email. Both devices have an FM radio, calculator and currency convertor and they are available in black, white or pink.



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