Shattered Horizon Bundle released by Patriot

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, as a part of their year long 25 year anniversary celebration, today announced an exclusive software licensing and bundling agreement with Futuremark, granting rights to manufacture and market products bundled with the multiplayer first-person shooter, Shattered Horizon.

Patriot is now offering select capacities of the popular Xporter USB Flash Drive products bundled with the zero gravity first-person shooter, Shattered Horizon. The Shattered Horizon bundle will include a Steam download code enabling users to easily download and install the game and then jump into the action. The first Shattered Horizon bundles will be 8GB and 16GB USB Flash Drives easily recognized by their unique packaging featuring design elements from the Shattered Horizon game. Additional Patriot products will be bundled with Shattered Horizon and introduced at a later time.

Shattered Horizon is an innovative first-person shooter set in zero gravity and offers action-packed gaming for up to 32 players at a time. Set in near-Earth space 40 years from now, players fight it out in zero gravity to control hollowed-out asteroids, huge fragments of Moon rock and the ruined remains of the International Space Station.

“We are pleased to once again partner with an industry leader like Futuremark, to bundle their innovative first-person shooter PC game, Shattered Horizon, with select Patriot products” says Eric Ackerson, Patriot’s Director of Marketing. “Our goal at Patriot is to enhance our product offering by including content that enriches the end user experience. Patriot and Futuremark have been collaborating to this end with Futuremark 3DMark Vantage bundles and this latest bundle extends that partnership.”

“Futuremark Games Studio is excited to offer Shattered Horizon with selected Patriot USB flash drive products, a bundle that offers excellent value for gamers,” says Jukka Makinen, CEO of Futuremark. “Patriot has been a good partner for Futuremark for many years and we are happy to extend this relationship to include our game studio. We look forward to creating more product bundles and joint promotions with Patriot in the future.”


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