Opera announces version 10.53

Opera Software has updated 10.53 to fill a security vulnerability and resolves the passage gel with Google Maps.

Just released, the 10.52 version of Opera browser that has signed the first steps of Opera 5.10 on Mac OS X should be updated. The Norwegian publisher will indeed soon to truly develop a patch to address a security vulnerability.

This particular vulnerability has been the publication of a security advisory by Secunia . You may recall that this had also occurred shortly after the release of Opera for Windows 10.50 10.51 version and had made corrections almost three weeks later. This time, Opera Software has demonstrated an exemplary responsiveness.

10.53 Opera for Windows and Mac fixes a vulnerability "extremely severe". "Several asynchronous calls to a script that changes the contents of a document can lead to a crash Opera, so that references an uninitialized value. To inject code, additional techniques may be used," said Opera Software.

In addition to its security, Opera 10.53 corrects a problem of freezing (freeze) with Google Maps.


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