CorasWorks Announced First Wave of Mobile-enabled Applications for Microsoft SharePoint

CorasWorks Corporation, a leading provider of off-the-shelf business applications and solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, today announced its first wave of mobile-enabled applications on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Built by CorasWorks and its ecosystem of Application Publisher Partners, the mobile-enabled apps allow iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other mobile device users to access their CorasWorks-based apps through the mobile browser.

“We live in a mobile world,” said Dan Naselius, Chief Operating Officer at CorasWorks. “There are many consumer-oriented apps available on our cell phones and other devices today, and the business world is moving in the same direction.  We are providing the same accessibility, ease of use and productivity as the consumer apps, but in a business context.”

All CorasWorks mobile applications are available for download from the CorasWorks App Store and can be accessed on a mobile device through any JavaScript 1.1 or higher browser. No client-side software is required to run them.

“One of the key benefits of the CorasWorks mobile apps is that you can do more than just view information,” said Naselius. “You can access features of the application from your mobile device, all straight from your mobile browser.”

Similar functionality is available to the mobile user as through a web-based laptop or desktop, meaning users can add and update information from the mobile device.  For example, with the CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management (PPM) app, mobile users can see key performance indicators for projects, view all of their tasks, update their tasks and approve items all from the mobile device.  All additions and changes are made in real time to the app.

In addition to the CorasWorks PPM, other apps in this first wave include the CorasWorks Help Desk and Knowledge Base v2 from R3 Business Solutions.  With the Help Desk, mobile users can view the status of all support requests and add new support requests.  Using the new mobile-enabled Knowledge Base app, users can review search history, re-execute a search for relevant KB articles, add a new search and view the top and most popular searches.

The mobile functionality is powered by the CorasWorks Mobile Adaptor, a new product that leverages H3 Solutions’ Mobile Entrée software and is embedded by CorasWorks through a partnership with H3 Solutions. The Adaptor is server-side software that enables users to build and run the mobile interfaces to any CorasWorks-based application.  Using the Adaptor, customers can either run the CorasWorks mobile-enabled apps or mobile enable any custom CorasWorks application.  

Current CorasWorks customers can download the mobile-enabled apps from the CorasWorks App Store.  The apps require the CorasWorks Mobile Adaptor, which lists for $3,000 per front-end web server.

Customers currently running custom CorasWorks-based applications can add a mobile interface to those applications with the Adaptor.  CorasWorks is offering services and other resources to facilitate those efforts.

For more information on the CorasWorks mobile-enabled apps, visit the CorasWorks App Store at  For more information on the CorasWorks Mobile Adaptor visit



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