Rumors claims Earthworm Jim 4 will be soon on Wii

The worm that hit most of the galaxy will make a comeback someday soon, it is a certainty. Know more of this that the comeback of Earthworm Jim will be on Wii.

What good memories at the mention of the saga Earthworm Jim, having so far received three "real" episodes (four counting the original album Game Boy Color). Started in 1994 on a bunch of machines, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, it will be mainly distinguished by its humor, its gameplay, and above all by the facies of the hero, far from being banal.

Earthworm Jim 2, sold after only one year, also had a wonderful time to sell, as this level is very memorable "Game & Watch" in mind, where they were to catch flying puppies. Strand 64 (1999) will be less marked minds, perhaps because of an annoying camera regret making the previous 2D games in the series.

Back programmed

If David Perry has been a talented programmer who helped Earthworm Jim crazy adventures (and quality for the player), the creator of this worm’s name is Doug TenNapel crazy. The author of the blog "The 34th Dimension" met him and asked him whether he still expected a film and an animated series are created and a new game. Finally, Doug has been able to confirm that the launch, "Distant future", Of Earthworm Jim 4 on Wii.

We also learn that Interplay had put pressure on it to ensure faster, but Doug was able to find the words to convince them to be more patient. That should reassure us about the final outcome.


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