DemandTec Releases Software-as-a-Service Suite

Shopper Insights, Allowance Billing and Price Optimization capabilities among the many enhancements delivered to DemandTec’s network of customers

DemandTec Inc., a leading provider of on-demand optimization services for retailers and consumer products companies, today announced that the latest release of its software-as-a-service suite has been deployed and is in use by existing customers. This latest quarterly software update delivers completely new applications and major feature enhancements enabling retailers and consumer products companies to better collaborate and make more informed business decisions around pricing, promotion and shopper analytics.

Significant additions to DemandTec’s suite of solutions and software services include:

  • Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec – the Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec software service, part of the broader DemandTec Shopper Insights solution, provides shopper and segment insights embedded at the point of decision, directly within the workflow of DemandTec’s merchandising and trade optimization software services.  Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec also allows retailers to share an online library of shopper insight dashboards with its trading partners on the DemandTec TradePoint Network.
  • Allowance Billing – this new software service builds on the capabilities of DemandTec’s Deal Management software service by automating and simplifying the invoicing and collection of trade funds between retailers and consumer products manufacturers.
  • Efficient Localized Pricing –two new features within the Everyday Price Optimization and Everyday Price Management software services enable retailers to drive localized pricing strategies that accurately reflect the behavior of individual shopper segments on a zone-by-zone basis.
  • Extension to Master Calendar – for integrated price and promotion planning including forecasting and operational enhancements to manage price collisions.

In addition to these new software services and other major enhancements,
DemandTec has added several new features and capabilities to its existing suite
of software services including improved analytics and user productivity,
integrated forecast viewing and improved price update configuration.

"This latest release of our software services strikes a nice balance between
the advanced analytics and operational capabilities required by our customers,"
said Marc Dietz, Vice President of Marketing for
DemandTec. "With this release, we are continuing to develop our nextGEN strategy
by launching a one-of-a-kind shopper insights solution that embeds insights at
the point of decision while also adding new operational controls that drive
efficiencies for our customers."

As with previous DemandTec releases, this update was deployed to DemandTec’s
network of global retail and consumer products companies made possible by the
company’s Software-as-a-Service model.


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