STMicroelectronics Introduces MDmesh V Power MOSFET Technology

STMicroelectronics, a world leader in power semiconductors, has increased
the power density achievable with its latest generation MDmesh V power MOSFET
technology by introducing an advanced high-performance power package.

The new 1mm-high surface-mount package houses the industry-standard TO-220
die size within a leadless outline measuring only 8x8mm and features an exposed
metal drain pad for efficient removal of internally generated heat. Its low
profile will enable designers to achieve slimmer power supply enclosures
enabling compact and stylish new products for today’s markets. This new standard
is available from two companies: STMicroelectronics and Infineon Technologies
will introduce MOSFETs using this innovative package, which is named PowerFLAT™
8×8 HV by ST and ThinPAK 8×8 by Infineon, therefore providing customers with a
high-quality alternative source.

The new package’s compact form factor and high thermal performance, combined
with the unequalled low RDS(ON) per die area of ST’s MDmesh V technology,
maximize power density and reliability to save PCB space. ST will add MOSFETs in
the PowerFLAT 8×8 HV to its existing MDmesh V portfolio, and today announced the
first of these: the 650V STL21N65M5.

"Our fruitful co-operation with Infineon has produced a high-performance
package allowing customers to benefit from cutting-edge design in a footprint
supported by two major global power-semiconductor suppliers," said Maurizio Giudice, Marketing Director, Power Transistor
Division, STMicroelectronics. "Our new MOSFETs combining this package
breakthrough with our unique MDmesh V process technology, which is the most
advanced in the industry, will deliver the highest power density and efficiency
among devices of comparable voltage rating."

Major features of STL21N65M5:

  • RDS(ON): 0.190 Ohms
  • Maximum rated current (ID): 17A
  • Junction-to-case thermal resistance (Rthj-c): 1.0 degrees C/W

Samples of the STL21N65M5 in the PowerFLAT 8×8 HV package are available now
with full production scheduled for July 2010.
Pricing is $8 in quantities of 10 pieces; further
pricing options are available for larger quantities.


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