DemandTec Unveils DemandTec Shopper Insights

DemandTec, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand optimization solutions
for retailers and consumer products companies, today announced the launch of DemandTec Shopper Insights, a new DemandTec solution
designed to help its customers better understand shopper behavior and
collaborate with their trading partners to make better decisions using those
insights. The solution is now available to DemandTec’s community of retail and
consumer products customers on the DemandTec TradePoint Network.

"Retailers and their trading partners can no longer succeed by broad-brushing
markets and treating all shoppers the same. Using shopper insights to jointly
develop more targeted merchandising and trade plans is critical to gain market
share," commented Lora Cecere, Partner at Altimeter

The newest development in DemandTec’s nextGEN strategy, DemandTec Shopper
Insights provides retailers and consumer products companies with a breakdown
of sales trends by penetration and buy-rate, shopping trip statistics, and more.
Using shopper insight dashboards and insights embedded directly within the
workflows of DemandTec’s other software services, merchants and marketers will
be able to quickly identify new opportunities to target specific shopper
segments with more tailored assortments, promotions and pricing.

The DemandTec Shopper Insights solution includes:

  1. Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec – A software service that
    delivers shopper and segment insights embedded within the workflows of
    DemandTec’s merchandising and trade optimization software services. Shopper
    Insight-on-DemandTec also provides retailers with an online library of
    shopper insight dashboards for additional research and the ability to share
    those insights with consumer product companies on the DemandTec TradePoint
  2. Shopper Segmentation – An analytical service enabling
    retailers to create, modify, or enhance shopper segmentation schemes and
    maintain them over time as household buying behavior and assortments

To achieve the scalability and performance necessary for this solution,
DemandTec has partnered with Netezza, a provider of high volume, high
availability data warehousing appliances and analytic solutions. DemandTec
Shopper Insights services are designed for and are deployed on Netezza’s TwinFin appliance due to its ability to process
high volume datasets including retail transaction logs and loyalty data. The
need to deliver highly complex, contextual analytics at the point of decision is
a critical strategic component for retailers and manufacturers.

"The status quo for the industry has been static shopper insights delivered
by armies of expensive consultants and largely separate from the merchandising
and marketing decisions being made," said Marc
Dietz, Vice President of Marketing for DemandTec. "DemandTec is changing
the status quo by providing software-based shopper insights where they matter
most – at the point of decision."

The DemandTec Shopper Insights solution will be featured at DemandBetter
2010, DemandTec’s eighth annual customer conference, where shopper
segmentation, collaborative reporting dashboards and embedded shopper analytics
will be discussed in detail. Learn more about DemandBetter


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