India moving towards 3G Networks but worried about Chinese suppliers

India is preparing to move to 3G, but the country remains suspicious with respect to certain OEMs. China is of main concerned, and this is not the first time.

The market for mobile telephony in India is one of the most dynamic in the world (second largest market after China) and the upcoming transition to 3G is the object of all desires, both in the choice of technologies Cash players up there.

But the Indian government is also sensitive to security requirements including the risks of listening and spying equipment that could result from foreign suppliers.

He asked his mobile operators to thoroughly research all aspects of future contracts and, while most Western players have been endorsed, it is not the same with Chinese suppliers, whose contracts with the Indian operators are currently suspended.

Strained economic relations with China

India fears that its neighbor, China will take its telecom equipment manufacturers to install monitoring systems and seek to take advantage on the economy when there is already a severe competition between the two countries.

The government has already taken steps to remove invasive Chinese mobile phones at low cost and without IMEI identification number of its market and can not be left guessing about the risks of industrial espionage, while denying that have banned any OEM, preferring to discuss a case-by-case basis.

This is because the country might incur the wrath of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) if apparaissaitt that Chinese suppliers have been disadvantaged compared to their European and American threat by the Chinese authorities.

Bringing expertise to self

India did not own telecom equipment, the arrival of foreign players is inevitable, but their entry into the local mobile market is framed. Chinese OEMs ZTE and Huawei are nevertheless already present in India through contracts to deploy networks for Indian operators.

Under the conditions for the creation of 3G mobile networks, the telecommunications department requests that the operation and maintenance will be done by Indian engineers and the dependence on foreign engineers should be minimized in the two years following a transaction.

Technology transfer is also required within three years, with the risk of sanctions otherwise.


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