MTNL Launches Friend Finder Service For GSM Subscribers

MTNL has launched a new Value
Service, namely
‘Friend Finder’ service, for its GSM mobile subscribers (Dolphin/Trump) in Mumbai which allows you to SMS liked or loved one’s. The Friend Finder works on a simple mobile phone with the need for any hifi technology. All you need is a simple SMS command that you have to type-in to locate in a specific location.

MTNL also takes care of the security and so the the service is completely permission based to stop any misuse of the service. You will require to have explicit permission to whom they would like to track to enjoy the service. They can allow by grnating rights to get located by this service.

How to Use this service:

To use this service, you have to subscribe to this service by sending SMS to 52323. Friend Finder is available in weekly pack and monthly pack, and to have this service you need to pay Rs. 7 or 25 respectively. Once done, you can add and find the location of your friends by sending a small SMS to 52323 as given below:

  • SMS Key Word: Description
  • SUBW / SUBM: For activation of weekly or monthly subscription, respectively.
  • UNSUB: To unsubscribe from the service.
  • HELP: To get usage information for the service.
  • ADD / DEL: To add or delete a friend from your friend-list.
  • FIND: To get the location of a friend.
  • LIST: To get a list of various friends in the friend-list.
  • NICK: To assign a nick-name to a friend (for easy reference).

However, please note that SMS sent to 52323 is completely free.


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