Nintendo Introduced New Picross 3D Puzzle Game For Nintendo DS to Explore a New Dimension of Fun

New 3-D Puzzle Game for Nintendo DS is Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down.

Starting today, puzzle lovers across the country have an irresistible new pastime to discover and share with friends with the launch of the Picross 3D game for the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems. The title combines number-based deductive logic, hidden 3-D objects and fun wireless features to create a truly unique portable gaming experience. Sudoku fans, crossword devotees and anyone with a passion for puzzle-solving will instantly enjoy the addictive brain-teasing challenges of Picross 3D, which is playable anytime and anywhere on the nation’s top-selling hand-held game systems.

Picross 3D starts players off with a solid block of cubes that is marked with numbers and contains a hidden object. To solve each puzzle, they must use logic and numerical clues to eliminate cubes and reveal the object. The game includes more than 350 unique puzzles, but the action doesn’t end there. Players can create and share their own puzzles or use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to download additional puzzles, which will be released in sets following the game’s launch.

Picross 3D offers several options for connecting and sharing wirelessly. Using a local connection, multiple players with their own game cards can trade custom puzzles quickly and easily. With DS Download Play, they can also send a sample puzzle to another player without the need for a second game card. Users with broadband Internet access can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to download fresh puzzle packs from Nintendo and submit their own custom creations in themed puzzle challenges. Selected puzzles will be made available as free downloads to Picross 3D players in North America.

"Picross 3D is incredibly addictive and even more fun when you can take on the challenge with family and friends," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Now that players can share their creations and regularly access new content, there’s even more for puzzle fans to enjoy."

A free downloadable demo version of Picross 3D is now available via the Nintendo Channel for the Wii™ console. For more information about Picross 3D, visit



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