Pedigree Technologies Releases Tag-n-Track

Pedigree Technologies, a leading provider of M2M applications for
inventory and asset performance management, announced the release of the
Tag-n-Track, the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution
specifically designed to track high-value assets for field service

"We developed this in response to our customers’ need to be
able to quickly find mobile equipment and assets in large, open spaces
like farms and oil fields," commented Alex Warner, CEO of Pedigree
Technologies. "With Tag-n-Track they can shorten the search time from
days to minutes."

Tag-n-Track is a turnkey, web-based solution that can be
installed simply and quickly to provide daily location updates for all
of a company’s tracked assets. The application combines satellite
tracking data with location and performance information from other
enterprise assets such as vehicles, stationary equipment and people to
provide a unified view of operations in a single web interface.

Key Solution for Field Services

The Tag-n-Track service extends the current suite of asset
monitoring applications in Pedigree OneView including Fleet Management,
Inventory Monitoring and Machine Health Monitoring (M2M). "Tag-n-Track
can make a substantial contribution to our customers’ bottom line,"
according to Ian McPherson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at
Pedigree. "This is really about improving operations, starting with
basic location awareness and extending to condition-based monitoring for
sense-and-respond maintenance, logistics and replenishment." In
addition to tracking mobile assets, the Tag-n-Track application also
provides equipment options to monitor the performance of the equipment,
inventory levels and environmental conditions.

Focus on Energy and Agriculture

The release of Tag-n-Track is the latest of the Pedigree
OneView applications designed to address inefficiencies in operations
for industries with heavy reliance on people, plants and equipment like
Energy, Agriculture, Mining and Transportation.


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