Cisco’s Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning Improve Students’ Classroom Learning Experience

Cisco today launched the Cisco Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning Solution, which marries technology with the emerging need to increase student performance through a more collaborative and better overall learning experience.

The Cisco Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning Solution integrates two products, the Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3500 and Cisco Show and Share, into Cisco’s existing portfolio of video-based solutions for education.

  • The Cisco MXE 3500 is a media processing device that enables teachers, students and administrators to share video content across the network to a range of devices, including laptops, digital signs, and mobile devices such as smart phones.
  • Cisco Show and Share is a social video system that helps schools create highly secure video communities to share ideas and expertise, optimize collaboration, and personalize the connection between students with user-generated content.
  • Cisco MXE 3500 integrates with Cisco Show and Share by delivering speech-to-text transcripts of video content to help students better comprehend lecture subject matter.
  • The social video system allows students to easily locate videos, search for specific content using tag clouds and RSS feeds, add comments, and rate the content, enhancing collaboration between students, instructors, administrators, and parents.

Combined with Cisco TelePresenceTM, Digital Media Suite, WebEx for Education, Flip VideoTM camcorders and the Medianet architecture, the new solutions are designed to:

  • increase access to high-quality education;
  • effectively engage students and prepare them for the future;
  • reach new learners beyond the traditional classroom walls;
  • provide opportunities for lifelong learning; and
  • deliver effective professional development programs.

Cisco’s portfolio of solutions for schools and higher education institutions addresses critical needs as highlighted in a new survey released today by Clarus Research Group, which found that "equipping classrooms with advanced technological equipment" and "using new technologies to help students and faculty work better together" were the most important technology issues faced by education leaders. In addition, the survey found that 53 percent of U.S. education leaders are likely to invest in video services to make their schools more efficient and effective.




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