Opera Teamed up With Realtek To deliver the Web to digital media processors

Opera Software and Realtek Semiconductor Corp., a world-leading provider of network and multimedia ICs, today announced that Realtek will deploy the Opera Devices SDK on its latest “Full-HD Digital Media Processor”, the RTD1073/RTD1283. By selecting the Opera Devices SDK, Realtek now possesses the necessary Web tools to implement a full Web browser, create user interfaces and design unique Web applications for consumer electronics devices.

Realtek’s Full-HD Digital Media Processor is a highly integrated System on a Chip (SoC) for consumer electronics products, such as media players, digital media adaptors/servers and networked media modules for embedded devices. Realtek’s processor offers high-performance playback of multiple AV formats, including all common Internet formats. The RTD1073/RTD1283 will be the first Realtek products to deploy the Opera Devices SDK.

“The Web has invaded all aspects of our lives, starting with our computers and progressing all the way to our cars, refrigerators, game consoles and portable media players. Opera has been there every step of the way, readying the Web for each new device that hits the market,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “By combining our solution with Realtek’s, we are better able to target new market segments and bring the Web to even more devices.”

“Our customers are increasingly asking for advanced Internet capabilities, complete with rich network protocols, in our high-quality digital media processors,” said Jessy Chen, Realtek’s Executive Vice President. “We found that the Opera Devices SDK delivers the best device performance, while providing us with the flexibility we require to integrate it quickly and easily with our products.”

RTD1073/RTD1283 coupled with Opera Device SDK, provides CE manufacturers with the necessary tools to build a full Web browser and/or create a modular platform dedicated to Web- based content, services or widgets. This solution will be shipped with Realtek’s latest digital media processors.



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