Opera 10.53 beta version now available for Linux distributions

A beta version of Opera 10.53 is available for users of other Linux distributions.

Opera is a web browser (and even an Internet suite) muliplatform version 10.5x and will be again soon. Once is not only custom in fact, the availability of Opera 10.5x did not in fact made synchronously between all environments traditionally supported.

The Windows operating system has first had the scoop of Opera 10.50 then it was the case for Mac OS X version 10.52. Soon, it was the turn of Linux and FreeBSD to taste Opera 10.53 which is a beta just been put online.

As Windows and Mac OS X, Linux Opera 10.53 is announced faster, up to eight times in comparison with Opera 10.10. A timelines measured on JavaScript using the SunSpider. Opera 10.5x has indeed a new JavaScript engine Carakan, not to mention a new graphics library Vega.

With its new look and menu which allows access to all features previously presented in the menu bar (can bring it back), Opera 10.53 offers improved integration with desktop environments KDE and GNOME SC whatsoever therefore with KDE or GTK libraries. Opera Software said that there are now more dependence vis-Qt.

As with other environments, we find also the creation of tabs and browser close to windows (separate window) or widgets that can be used outside the browser and executed in a separate process.

“Linux has always been a priority at Opera, as many people within our
own walls are devoted users,” said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera
Software. “It was important for us in this release to make alterations
to our terms of usage, in order to make Opera even easier to distribute
on Linux.”

Reasons to try out Opera

  • Browse with unprecedented speed: New Carakan JavaScript engine
    and Vega graphics library make Opera 10.5x more than 8 times faster than
    Opera 10.10 on tests like Sunspider.
  • Leave no trace: Private browsing offers windows and tabs that
    eliminate their browsing history when closed, ensuring your privacy.
  • Control your view easily: Zooming in and out of Web pages is easier
    with a new zoom slider and view controls accessible from the status bar.
  • Redefine widgets: Widgets are now installed as normal applications on
    your computer and can work separately from the browser.
  • More elegant look and feel: The user interface for Linux has been
    reworked, and the new “O” menu allows access to all features previously
    available in the menu bar. The menu bar can be easily reinstated.
  • No more Qt dependence: Opera’s user interface now integrates with
    either GNOME/GTK or KDE libraries, depending on the users’ installation.
  • Turbo-charged browsing: When surfing on slow, congested networks,
    for example at an airport or on a train, Opera Turbo comes to the
    rescue, ensuring the fastest page loading no matter the crowd. Tests
    show that Opera Turbo provides about 65% faster browsing on Edge and
    around 50% faster browsing speed on 3G networks.

Downloading Opera 10.53 beta for Linux can take place over here. A 64-bit version is also proposed.


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