Next Generation Data Loss Prevention From Palisade Systems

Palisade Systems, the leader In Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
for the small and medium-sized enterprise, today launched the latest
version of its comprehensive data loss prevention solution – the
easiest-to-use and fastest-deployed solution on the market. PacketSure
8.0 helps organizations keep data secure and in compliance with
government regulations. PacketSure 8.0 is available as an appliance to
customers requiring an on-site solution, or as a managed service from
Palisade’s Managed Service Provider partners.

Palisade’s core customers in the healthcare, education, finance, and
insurance industries need an easy DLP solution, where the information
technology group can just flip the switch and begin preventing
accidental data loss.

PacketSure 8.0 provides the features that busy network security
managers need to see what is actually happening on their network.
Dashboards keep network professionals informed of content violations,
traffic trends, cases awaiting resolution, social trends and other
information flows within the organization. PacketSure 8.0 gives IT
managers powerful tools to structure the best network policies for their
companies, using content, protocol, and web filtering.

With PacketSure 8.0, organizations are kept up-to-date on the latest
government compliance rules and regulations. Like prior versions,
PacketSure 8.0 has certified interoperability with the Cisco IronPort
S-Series Web Security Appliance (WSA), integration with Oracle’s Content
Access software, and uses Voltage Security for tighter encryption

"The small and medium-sized enterprise continues to grow and invest
in its long-term security, including data loss prevention solutions. But
these groups have different needs than larger enterprises. Those needs
are only met with a solution built specifically with smaller enterprises
in mind," said Christian Renaud, president and CEO, Palisade Systems.
"PacketSure is built for these businesses and industries. It’s an easily
deployed solution with the reporting and management needed to keep data
secure and prevent loss."

PacketSure 8.0 Brings the Tools Needed for Premiere DLP Solutions

PacketSure 8.0 brings a new set of tools to the already-robust
PacketSure DLP solution, including:

— Contextual Analysis of traffic patterns within an
organization provides network managers the background they need to
inform their remediation decisions. Flexible social graphs of SMTP
traffic enables customers to determine where incidents originate, and
other areas for concern.

— The Network Dashboard is an
inclusive, one-stop widget for network intelligence. The new dashboard
is fully customizable for each user, includes protocol, web and content
filtering statistics, short- and long-term tracking, as well as
customizable widgets.

— Case Management includes integrated
incident and case tracking, including multiple cases per incident and
multiple incidents per case, with the ability to assign owners based on
departments and roles within the organization.

— Enhanced
Reports Engine with fully customizable reports and an extensive library
of report templates allowing for integration with protocols, Web and
content. The report engine also integrates the new contextual analysis,
and can be used as a separate module or within the new Network


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