LG GW990 Smartphone Operates Under Moblin 2.1

Presented at the last CES event of Las Vegas, last January, the LG terminal is again talking about GW990.

For those who remember, the South Korean manufacturer LG has used the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States, to reveal device on the border between the smartphone and MID because of its characteristics.

Responding on behalf of GW990, it showed for memory compatibility with existing networks 3G/4G, Intel embarked Pineview Atom 45 nanometers, worked under Moblin version 2.1 and had a very complete equipment, including touch interface 4.8 inches, chip GPSAPN 5 megapixels, 16GB internal memory, microSD/microSDHC housing and Lithium-Ion 1850 mAh.

To be marketed from second quarter, before the end of June, the LG GW990 will end up as the prototype that has been purely and simply annulled by the manufacturer.


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