Twitter announces official Tweets tool

Twitter today announced an official Tweets tool to embed. Link will be about the same as Youtube and Vimeo do with their embedded functionality.

The embedded feature preserves the integrity of the original tweet. This quote is wrong and Tweets past will no longer be taken out of context. Is it easier for readers to click through to the Twitter page for the user.

Twitter today announced an example of the tool applied to a post about the ash cloud with the following explanation:

"Think of the overall readability. Imagine a traditional version of this message: it would all contain quotes from the same people all strung in all paragraphs. Probably the message between users jump forward and backward."

ReadWriteWeb writes that the use of real Tweets helps to "chunk" both visually and logically sound display making it easier to read.

"But it actually looks ‘pasted picture’ of the Tweet that is now a bit like a hack. We have a simple alternative that we will present tomorrow," said Twitter.


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