Integrated codecs and DACs for enhanced audio features in eBooks From TI

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced
audio codecs and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for eBooks,
mobile Internet devices and portable navigation devices. The highly
integrated codecs (TLV320AIC3100, TLV320AIC3110, TLV320AIC3111,
TLV320AIC3120) and DACs (TLV320DAC3101, TLV320DAC3100, TLV320DAC3120)
reduce component count and system cost compared to discrete
implementations and support enhanced audio features to improve the
consumer’s listening experience. In addition, the devices are pin-to-pin
and software compatible, reducing hardware and software development to
accelerate time-to-market. 

Key features and benefits of the codecs and DACs

— The devices integrate Class-D speaker amplifiers with up to 2.5 W of output power, eliminating the need for multiple resistors and capacitors between the codec and speaker amp for reduced component count and system cost when compared to discrete implementations.
— Pin-to-pin and software compatibility make it easy for manufacturers to develop a common product platform that can generate multiple differentiated end products without having to invest engineering resources to redesign the board or software drivers.
— The products support analog and digital microphones. Customers using digital microphones in conjunction with these devices can achieve up to 10-dB or greater system-level noise immunity versus competitive solutions, critical for a high quality audio experience in portable designs.
— The new devices enable designers to implement enhanced audio features: 3D to increase the spatial sweet spot of compact consumer electronics products; dynamic range compression to automatically adjust the audio to the desired loudness range while protecting the speaker and preventing clipping and distortion; and multiple biquads to equalize the speaker or microphone. In addition, the TLV320AIC3111, TLV320AIC3120 and TLV320DAC3120 integrate a fully programmable miniDSP with up to 50 MIPS, allowing users to write custom algorithms to further differentiate their
— Part of TI’s complete system solution for eBooks including applications processors and wireless connectivity, display, power and battery management integrated circuits (ICs).


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