Motorola Introduced Solid-state M3 Media Server

Motorola Debuts New Family of Multi-Screen Media Servers.

The Mobile Devices and Home business of Mototrola, Inc (NYSE: MOT) introduced today a new family of on-demand servers designed to deliver multimedia content and services across television, personal computer (PC) and mobile devices – the three screens core to service providers’ success in creating new revenue-generating applications and services in the “Internet Era of TV.” The introduction of the Motorola M3 Media Server family demonstrates Motorola’s focus on the delivery of solutions that connect people to personalized content by creating compelling consumer experiences.

The fault-resilient, carrier-class Motorola M3 Media Server family will be offered as part of the Motorola Media Delivery System, which also includes the Motorola CPS-1000 Content Propagation System for cable and the BitBand Maestro content delivery network (CDN) management system for over-the-top (OTT) Internet video and IPTV environments. The new server family is scheduled to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2010.

“Video service providers are looking for new ways to cost-effectively deliver high-value media to their subscribers across all three screens without overwhelming their networks’ limited bandwidth capabilities or sacrificing the quality of the end-user experience,” said Bob Wilson, vice president, Networked Video Solutions Group, Motorola Mobile Devices and Home. “To the benefit of our customers, Motorola offers a broad, flexible range of solid-state media servers that provide a combination of scalability, efficiency, flexibility and reliability on industry-standard hardware. The new Motorola M3 Media Server gives service providers a highly configurable solution that can support the delivery of content across TV, Internet and mobile video platforms from a single platform.”

The Motorola M3 Media Server utilizes sophisticated software designed to optimize the performance and reliability of commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, enabling revenue-generating services such as video on demand (VOD), Internet video, time-shifted TV, network DVR and on-demand advertising. It can be deployed in either clusters of high-performance rack mount servers or in high-availability, chassis-based blade server platforms. This flexibility allows Motorola to support virtually any networking topology or streaming requirement, including low-density edge streaming and large, centralized deployments.

The Motorola M3 Media Server family initially comprises four primary platforms and represents the integration of best-in-class technology from Motorola’s acquisitions of Broadbus Technologies and BitBand Techonologies:

  • M3-S100 – a high-performance solid-state edge server that supports 2,500 SD streams in a 1RU enclosure
  • M3-S200 – a library server and video streamer that stores up to 12TB of media content per 2RU, while simultaneously enabling live ingest and streaming
  • M3-C600 & C1000 Media Centers – massively scalable, modular systems for three-screen media delivery, supporting up to 40,000 SD streams, up to 12 TB of Flash storage from a 10RU chassis, and the ability to run streaming, management, distribution and certified third-party applications within a single platform

The Motorola M3 Media Server family leverages the media management capabilities of the Motorola CPS-1000 and BitBand Maestro media distribution applications to enable a flexible, media-optimized CDN. Through the intelligent caching of media content and placement of streams to media servers, the Motorola Media Delivery System optimizes network, streaming and storage resources while reliably delivering content across three screens.



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