NEC announces MultiSync PA271W monitor

NEC announces the MultiSync PA271W, a computer screen for the professional image and photography.

Connected with DisplayPort or DVI, the computer screen to NEC MultiSync LCD PA271W is a 27 inches model capable of displaying a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.

It enjoys a response time of gray to gray 7 milliseconds, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a rate of brightness of 300 candles per square meter and the angles of vision of 178 degrees horizontally or vertically.

It also has a sensor for automatically adjusting the brightness level according to ambient light, supports technology picture by picture (two sources and one display divided into two) and picture in picture (for a main source full-screen and a secondary source in a corner of the screen), includes a three-port USB 2.0 Hub and comes with a foot of a height of 15 inches that allows adjustment for height, tilt and swivel.

As for energy consumption, it reached 117 watts in active without USB enabled, 131 Watts active with USB enabled, 1.4 Watt standby without USB enabled and 11 Watt Stand with USB enabled.

Boasting to complete a 4 year warranty, this monitor for laptop was announced at 1399 dollars.


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