Yahoo challenges Google’s home page through a spot pub

Yahoo has commissioned a television advertising agency DKC, spot posted on the Yahoo only. The latter seeks to oppose Yahoo and Google in terms of designing their respective search engines. In a word, Yahoo usability opposed to sobriety Google.

The video also starts with a very simple home page, which is no doubt that Google even if the company logo does not appear. And we quickly understand that this homepage is not recommended, the voiceover telling us that " by visiting this page, you will feel no sympathy, and one starts as soon as we came".

Then comes the vision of Yahoo, with the appearance of small blocks, each representing a dedicated service (Facebook, eBay, news, finance ,…) which make up the homepage as Yahoo. Or how to contrast the simplicity of Google (include a blank page or the user can (according to Yahoo) feeling abandoned) to the friendly vision with Yahoo homepage or any reassuring information is presented, mail client , news, short, anything that can dial the Internet.

It remains to be seen whether this vision of the search engine will resonate with the public. A page or you are completely taken over, and the function or even search engine has virtually disappeared, as opposed to a page or the search is highlighted, with one vision, find the answer to both relevant and quickly.

You decide!


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