Visceral Games Publishes Dead Space 2 Images

Visceral Games finally decided to publish the images in-game, Dead Space 2.

Basically, these are unsurprisingly confirms resumption of technological foundations laid by Dead Space first name. This suite video game has a solid foundation so that it will operate properly. It will focus on the play of light to frighten and surprise the player.

So far, little new is revealed through these pictures. The game, however, some greater textural finesse. Dead Space 2 will also mean greater interactivity level of armaments and the environment. The vacuum as an example can neutralize our enemies very quickly.

However, playing with the interstellar space is double-edged sword, because the friend Isaac is also likely to be carried away by the vacuum that will wear him mortal. The alternative fire weapons will always be a role of primary importance and we will save ammunition via electrocution or inflammation group

However, no information was available at the multiplayer modes exclusive to the title. The title will take over the screenplay of the first game and we plunge once again into the shoes of Isaac Clarke marked forever by the incident of ISG Ishimura. Our hero must fight his own demons and the violent Necromorph wanting to quench their thirst for violence.

Release date scheduled for fourth quarter 2010 PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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