Siemens selects Dell Precision T5500 for ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system

Dell today announced that Siemens Healthcare Sector, one of the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a trendsetter in medical imaging and medical information technology, has adopted the new Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation to power its ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system. Siemens selected Dell’s long-lifecycle product based on Dell’s ability to offer fixed configurations and a three-year fixed product lifecycle from the initial launch date of the Dell Precision T5500.

The Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation adopted by Siemens is part of a larger program by Dell’s OEM division designed to provide longer manufacturing lifecycles, service and dependable system stability to address specific needs of the embedded and OEM markets. This platform, now available globally from Dell OEM Solutions, along with the newly launched Dell OptiPlex XE, are the first offerings of several future long-lifecycle OEM-class platforms from Dell. The long lifecycle program helps OEM customers to extend product lifecycle times and, in certain cases, skip entire product generations. This program helps customers reduce requalification and additional engineering costs in the development cycle so the OEMs can reallocate the time and money saved into innovation and strategic initiatives.

Why Siemens Chose Dell

Siemens’ decision to employ the Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation was based on Dell’s ability to help the company streamline resources, particularly in engineering, service and support functions. Taking advantage of extended time periods with committed locked components, Siemens is now able to purchase the same platform for three years from its initial launch date with lower risk and costs associated with recertifying, revalidating or updating the service strategy with component transitions, software updates and BIOS changes.

Solutions with a Longer Lifecycle:

  • The OEM Long-Life program offers extended product lifecycles and dependable system stability on established Dell products. Dell OEM handpicks specific component options to help ensure a committed long-life span so OEMs can plan engineering resources accordingly.
  • Long-life products selected from this program will continue to offer configuration flexibility and allow customers to take advantage of Dell’s state-of-the-art build-to-order process.
  • Specifically, the Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation has two processor options from the Intel embedded roadmap, a list of stable components, specific supplier agreements on key components negotiated to support longer life product, and increased hub stocking levels to avoid supply disruption on single source parts.
  • OEM customers have the choice of a dual-socket or quad-core workstation performance for space-constrained environments in a mini-tower form factor.
  • The Dell Precision T5500 Long-Lifecycle workstation was collaboratively developed with customers like Siemens which needed a durable, quality solution.


  • “Siemens’ relationship with Dell and subsequent use of the Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation has provided us with quality and stability we are looking for in our workstation solutions,” said Matt Esham, Director of Cardiology Product Management, Ultrasound Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare. “We continue to work closely with Dell’s OEM group to leverage their hardware and manufacturing expertise, which enables us to focus on developing quality healthcare solutions.”
  • “By listening to our customers and actively working to meet their needs, we are bringing to market a program that hits at the heart of OEM customer pain points, namely stability, reliability and ultimately TCO,” said Rick Froehlich, vice president and general manager of Dell OEM Solutions group. “Our plan is to grow this program to include multiple platforms across different product lines, so we can offer tailored OEM-class products that are collaboratively designed to meet very specific needs. We are thrilled to have Siemens as a foundational customer to help build this innovative new OEM program.”


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