MSI Laptops Win Hearts Around the World

With Computex 2010 scheduled to open its doors on June 1, world IT leader MSI held a pre-exhibition press conference in the Netherlands on May 20 to display its newest notebook computers. MSI Assistant Vice President of Business Development Department Ted Hung, hosted the event which sparked European interest in the latest high tech products. The quality of the products at the press conference underscored the fact that MSI continues to stand by its motto of “Insist on the Best” and its philosophy of innovation in development.

In a speech, Ted Hung stated, "MSI’s new products for 2010 are characterized by ‘the ultimate in function and multimedia performance.’ This year, MSI is rolling out the GT660 gaming laptop, developed in cooperation with world leader in sound system design Dynaudio, it boasts unparalleled sound performance and MSI’s own TDE+ (Turbo Drive Engine+ technology) which enhances both processor and graphics card performance—a world first. It raises the bar for multimedia performance."

Dynaudio Marketing Manager Roland Hoffmann added that the technological breakthroughs made by MSI and Dynaudio were the result of precise calculations and thousands of trials that successfully incorporated Dynaudio’s uncompromising standards in sound quality into notebook computers. The partnership resulted in NBs with unprecedented high fidelity sound.

Also making its debut at the press conference, the FX600 from MSI’s stylish F series of laptops also stole the spotlight and generated a frenzy of media reports. The fine craftsmanship that went into the design of the chic FX600 is self-evident everywhere, from the cover to the wrist rest areas in front of the keyboard to the speakers and matte chrome trim. Every detail testifies to MSI’s unmatched craftsmanship. The FX600 received certification from world-class sound system technology experts at THX for its superior cinema-grade surround sound system.

Also unveiled at the press conference were the X-Slim X360, the industry’s first NB to pack the power-sipping, high performance Intel Core i5 CPU, the CX623 with MSI’s exclusive smart GPU Boost technology, and MSI’s latest concept products. The products further underscored MSI’s industry-leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities and wowed the almost 100 journalists from over 20 nations around Europe present at the press conference.



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