Fedora 13 distribution free download is now available

A new major version of the free Fedora distribution has been announced. It is available since this afternoon.

Led by the company Red Hat and developed by the user community, Fedora  is an open source distribution based on the Linux kernel.

By late afternoon, since 5:00 p.m. specifically, it will be available in a new version 13, The same one that we mentioned in March, In connection with the provision of a first and only alpha version.

The menu of Fedora 13, many innovations and improvements, includes:

  • Simplification of the installer
  • Installing automated printer drivers
  • The installation of new applications by default photo manager, backup software, a Twitter client utility and scan
  • The availability of a new tool of user management (experimental)
  • The ability to manage network connections from the command line
  • Automated handling of color monitors, printers and scanners
  • The best support for Apple mobile devices, namely the iPod and iPhone smartphone
  • Improving the management of streaming video player in the Totem
  • The 3D support for ATI graphics cards (it was experimental in Fedora 12)
  • The 3D support for Nvidia graphics cards (experimental for him)
  • Improved support DisplayPort

Download Fedora 13 here.


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