PES 2011 image leaked out

Photo stolen, rigged? A first shot apparently from PES 2011 has actually made its appearance on the canvas. Not being able to confirm it is really from this game, at least we can dissect this image.

Winning Eleven is on the Blog that we have learned that the picture you can see below come from the future SEP 2011. Since then, the stereotype in question no longer appears on the website, and should that also happen on TNG, you’d already been warned.

The efforts of analysis and deduction will not be great connoisseurs it’s good to see Lionel Messi as we see in the picture, wearing the jersey of the team recently crowned champion of La Liga (Spanish league football).

To better metering?

But what we see in the player? A gauge, which brings us back to one of the points detailed in the first release of PES 2011, which said "New gauges will emerge, one for power and another generic called" Shooting & Endurance, which will be reserved for the player’s fitness. The repeated sprints may affect its performance. "

It is certainly the second, which is displayed here, showing us that Leo is in fairly good shape. Also according to the Winning Eleven Blog, new information on PES 2011 should be disclosed 1 June. And yes, it is soon. Recall that Konami has announced that this component will be entitled to "The more radical overhaul" never brought to the series. They are asked to believe.


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