VASCO Data Security Launches DIGIPASS for Windows

VASCO Data Security Inc., a leading software security company
specializing in authentication products, today announces the launch of DIGIPASS
for Windows. DIGIPASS for Windows has been designed for companies which have a
need to add strong authentication to secure their networks and applications but
without using hardware based devices or mobile phones as client authentication

DIGIPASS for Windows is ideally suited for securing remote access or online
applications. Application providers, e-gaming platforms and SaaS-vendors often
want to increase the security of their applications without impacting the
end-user. DIGIPASS for Windows can easily be deployed to vast numbers of
end-users, especially in environments where the ease of implementation is the
major requirement. DIGIPASS for Windows has a silent install option which allows
pushing the customized authentication application to the end-user without having
to ask the end-user to install the application.

The DIGIPASS for Windows application resides on the end-user’s desktop and a
one-time password (OTP) will be generated after PIN-code insertion. For a
digital signature, the PIN-code will be requested, after which data fields will
need to be entered. The e-signature will be calculated using the data field
entries. DIGIPASS for Windows also provides the possibility to open the
protected web application directly from the DIGIPASS for Windows application.
Once the OTP has been generated, the end-user can click next to immediately
access the application.  

The authentication interface of DIGIPASS for Windows can be fully customized.
Menus, messages, corporate colors, logos, fonts can be adapted to reflect the
company’s corporate image.

DIGIPASS for Windows is also available as an SDK for SaaS-vendors. It allows
them to natively integrate DIGIPASS behavior into virtually any Windows
application, making the authentication process an integral part of the

DIGIPASS for Windows operates with VACMAN Controller, IDENTIKEY and aXsGUARD
Identifier, the full range of VASCO server-side authentication platforms. It can
be used in conjunction with any other device from the DIGIPASS family, enabling
customers to deploy hardware based authenticators to certain user segments and
DIGIPASS for Windows to other users for whom hardware based authentication is
not a solution.

"VASCO is known for its wide range of authentication solutions which best fit
the end-user’s needs. By adding DIGIPASS for Windows to our product range, we
come with a solution for environments where hardware based or mobile
authentication solutions do not provide an answer to the authentication needs.
DIGIPASS for Windows demonstrates that we have the right authentication solution
for any given environment and end-user need," says Jan
, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.


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