Google Announces Stable Version Of Chrome 5 Web Browser

Google offers the final version of its web browser Chrome 5.

After a bit of evolution and lots of work from the team, the Google web browser passes the 5th version, with the provision of Internet users in the final version, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

This new version of Google Chrome 5 brings new news. Always faster JavaScript execution, the browser includes Flash Player and goes further in support of HTML5. Once again, the performance of JavaScript execution speed is increasing, an area where Google Chrome 5.0 is leading the race, closely followed by Opera 10.5x and Safari 4.0. Firefox 3.6.x is stalled while Internet Explorer 8.0 is lagging far behind (especially on the SunSpider test). Regarding performance, Google announced that its JavaScript engine V8 is 30-35% faster than Chrome 4.0.

The Adobe Flash Player is integrated browser. One of the main advantages of this integration is that the user no longer has to worry about whether Flash Player is updated, since everything is managed by the mechanism of automatic update of Chrome. A form of guarantee security and stability.


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