Sonic Solutions Introduced New Dynamic Content Patent License Program

Sonic today announced a licensing program for its US Patent 6,944,621; this patent allows for the updating and augmenting of multimedia content on portable storage media including Blu-ray Disc, DVD, SD card, flash memory, UMD, and other update-able media. Applications for the Dynamic Content ‘621 patent include the BD-Live internet-connected enhancements now available on Blu-ray Disc titles, such as updated movie trailers, bonus material, and promotional advertisements. The patent also provides for access to online entertainment services such as those powered by Sonic’s RoxioNow platform™. Beyond Blu-ray titles, the Dynamic Content ‘621 patent covers in-game advertising for internet-connected titles that originate on physical media.

"Enhancing physical media with internet-connected experiences will be an important feature in transitioning consumers of traditional media to digital delivery," said Arash Amel, Research Director, Digital Media, Screen Digest. "Bringing the immediacy of Web-based content to physical media not only maintains the relevance of disc-based content, it also acts as a transition point that can help educate consumers and make them more comfortable with digital entertainment experiences."

The licensing program for the Dynamic Content ‘621 patent is open to content owners, on-line service providers, software developers, manufacturers of Blu-ray Disc players and games consoles, in-game advertisers and other industry participants who wish to deliver new products, content or services that update or enhance the original components delivered on physical media.

"Our Dynamic Content approach makes it easy, fast and virtually cost-free for content owners and distributors to deliver advertising, promotions, game updates, trailers and more," said Mark Ely, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Sonic Solutions. "It is an ideal way to keep content ‘fresh’ as well as to deliver contextual e-commerce offerings that are targeted to specific consumer segments. The real value of the ‘621 patent is the ability to enhance the value of physical media through Web-based services, while bringing retailers, device manufacturers and content owners closer to consumers."

Sonic’s ‘621 patent is included as part of the RoxioNow entertainment platform licensing program as well as Roxio client applications, including Roxio CinePlayer® for PC and CE devices.

For more information on the Sonic Dynamic Content ‘621 Patent licensing program, contact:



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