Equisys announces Zetafax 2010 fax server software for Microsoft Office 2010

Equisys today announced availability of Zetafax 2010, the latest version of its
award winning fax server software. The new version provides support for
Microsoft Office 2010 only 15 days after launch from Microsoft, well ahead of
Equisys’ original pledge to support within 60 days of release. Zetafax 2010 also
provides performance enhancements and increased support for virtualization and
FoIP, ensuring that companies who rely on fax communications are fully supported
whenever they migrate to new platforms or technologies.

Zetafax 2010 provides integration with the new Backstage view and toolbars in
Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, providing simple, one-click faxing from these
applications and easy management of received faxes. Zetafax 2010 also adds
support for Exchange 2010 installing, as with previous versions, as a native
connector within Exchange that is registered to handle the FAX address type.
Unlike products which use SMTP to integrate with Exchange, this native
integration means users can send faxes to contacts stored within Outlook using
the standard fax number fields, rather than having to create additional contacts
and use the email field for the fax number.

"Equisys has a solid reputation for delivering support for the latest
platforms and technologies being adopted by organizations today," explains Chris Oswald, CEO at Equisys. "A recent poll from Windows
ITPro revealed that 72 per cent of respondents had already migrated to Office
2010, were in the process, or planned to within one year. For this reason,
Equisys invest heavily in ensuring that Zetafax supports the latest platforms as
quickly as possible. Achieving this goal only 15 days from the Microsoft launch
is testament to our commitment to our customers, and ensuring that Zetafax stays
at the forefront of fax server innovation."

The new version of Zetafax also provides support for the latest versions of
VMware ESX and ESXi, and the VMware vSphere suite, as well as strengthening its
position in virtualized environments with the introduction of support for
Microsoft Hyper-V. This provides a range of options for businesses planning
virtualized server environments, enabling the Zetafax server to provide
protection against computer hardware failure. The Zetafax server can be moved
onto another physical computer quickly and easily, avoiding the need for a
separate failover server just for fax.

Zetafax 2010 also supports a new version of the Zetafax FoIP Connector,
providing a choice of options for customers depending on their budget and
requirements. The  SR140 Edition uses Brooktrout SR140 for the highest levels of
performance and interoperability, while the new Standard Edition provides a more
cost-effective solution for companies wanting to use FoIP with standalone T.38
gateway units and server virtualization.

"More and more organizations today are investing in virtualization to
increase efficiency, reduce capital costs and provide disaster recovery,"
explains Gareth Williams, Technical Director at
Equisys. "However, many people believe that it is not possible to include fax as
the servers cannot access fax boards from their virtualized environment. The
Zetafax FoIP Connector therefore allows the IP network to be used to transmit
faxes, providing a solution for virtualization as well as allowing Voice over IP
(VoIP) phone systems to be used for faxing directly."

Finally, Zetafax 2010 delivers significant improvements to system throughput
and startup time for the FaxBroadcast client, particularly with large size
batches. This has included load testing with batches over 100,000 faxes and 200
fax lines, maximizing usability and performance.

Zetafax 2010 is available from Equisys and channel partners immediately.


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