KIN ONE And KIN TWO Windows Phones Utilizes Synaptics ClearPad 2000 Series Sensors For Touchscreen

KIN phones, optimized for social networking, utilize Synaptics’ gesture-ready ClearPad technology for a fun and simple touchscreen interface

Synaptics Inc., a leading developer of human interface solutions for mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices, announced today that its ClearPad 2000 Series capacitive sensors are the touchscreens on the KIN ONE and KIN TWO, new Windows Phones.

The KIN phones, designed for the social generation, feature intuitive touch input using Synaptics’ ClearPad solutions for high-performance gestures. Users can use gestures such as swipe to navigate the new Loop homescreen. Drag gestures allow users to move their favorite contacts and content to the Spot feature, where they can focus on viewing and sharing content with an easy touch of the finger.  

"Teaming with Sharp, Synaptics is bringing touchscreen interaction to this powerful new operating system and valued end customers," said Gopal Garg, senior vice president of Synaptics’ handheld business unit. "As Synaptics continues to innovate human interface solutions across multiple consumer markets, we are seeing the interaction of PC-based devices, such as TouchPad gestures, translate to intuitive touch on unique devices such as the KIN phones."

Synaptics ClearPad Series offers the broadest portfolio of advanced, proven capacitive touchscreen technology. These high-resolution capacitive touchscreen solutions bring users rich functionality in a limited space. A ClearPad touch sensor provides an easy-to-use, discoverable interface for screen navigation, selection, interactive input, and much more.

As with all Synaptics solutions, ClearPad is supported by Synaptics’ exclusive solution stack and engineering services from its worldwide customer design centers to address the multi-dimensional engineering challenges customers face when creating and implementing advanced human interfaces. Synaptics integrates these key capabilities to help OEMs create reliable, highly intuitive human interfaces that meet their design and usage requirements.

Synaptics ClearPad is available to manufacturers that want proven capacitive touchscreens to enhance their mobile devices—for navigation, scrolling, and more.


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