New Book For Kindle Now Uses “The Natural Page” To Display Page Numbering

After nearly two years spent struggling with the Kindle’s lack of traditional page numbering, users have a new option.  A literary publishing company in New York has released the first book for the Kindle using what it calls "The Natural Page".

"The Natural Page is about 400 words in length, and roughly equivalent to an Executive size piece of paper," says L. Dore, Senior Editor of Forbidden Stitch Press located in Manhattan.  "So if a reader were reading a traditional book which was single-spaced and with a 12 point font, they would see a page number at the bottom of each page.  We took that to the Kindle and included page numbers where they would naturally occur."

The first of its kind for the Kindle, "Spirit In The Sky", is now available for download from the Kindle Store for $9.95.  It is a murder mystery about a fictional law firm set in Manhattan.  

"As I understand it, there is a Kindle Page Numbers Tool which people can use to insert their own page numbers, but that seemed so cumbersome," continued Dore.  "We decided to do the work and came up with the idea of The Natural Page."

The Natural Page appears in Spirit In The Sky on the lower right hand corner of a virtual page, and looks like this:

(page 18)

If a Kindle user increases the font size from the smallest font or has a Kindle DX, then The Natural Pag could possibly appear in the middle of a paragraph.  

"Users to whom we have shown The Natural Page like the format, and don’t mind the numbers sometimes appearing in the middle of a Kindle screen," Dore said.  "They much prefer that to not having any page numbers at all."


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